List of Philip Roth Novels

Goodbye, Columbus (1959) – completed 1/18/2011

Letting Go (1962)completed 2/14/2011

When She Was Good (1967)completed 3/9/2011

Portnoy’s Complaint (1969)completed 3/19/2011

Our Gang (1971)completed 3/27/2011

The Breast (1972)completed 3/28/2011

The Great American Novel (1973)

My Life as a Man (1974)

The Professor of Desire (1977)

The Ghost Writer (1979)

Zuckerman Unbound (1981)

The Anatomy Lesson (1983)

The Prague Orgy (1985)

The Counterlife (1986)

The Facts: A Novelist’s Autobiography (1988)

Deception (1990)

Patrimony: A True Story (1991)

Operation Shylock (1993)

Sabbath’s Theater (1995)

American Pastoral (1997)

I Married a Communist (1998)

The Human Stain (2000)

The Dying Animal (2001)

The Plot Against America (2004)

Everyman (2006)

Exit Ghost (2007)

Indignation (2008)

The Humbling (2009)

Nemesis (2010)


One response to “List of Philip Roth Novels

  1. wow! i’m jealous… This is actually something i’ve been wanting to do for a while… Some of the books that are still left on your list are way up there on my favorites list… good luck and enjoy

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