1.  Who are you?

Nobody in particular.  I’m a scientist and a writer and a lover of bookly things and the reading of them.  I love hiking and cooking and hipster guys and Star Trek and indie music and a lot of other stuff.

2.  What possessed you to set this crazy goal?

Is it that crazy?  I guess it’s kind of ambitious.  But I often bemoan not reading as much as I used to or would like to and so I thought setting a goal like this would help.  So far, it is.

3.  Why Philip Roth?

Well, he’s one of our greatest living novelists and I’ve always liked his work.  I’ve never read every single book an author’s ever written (well, except Harper Lee) and I thought it would be interesting.  Besides, I knew that Roth has written a lot of books but many of them are short, so I thought I could fit in his entire output more easily than if I’d picked Norman Mailer.

4.  Do you have any rules for what books you’re reading?

Yes.  Rule #1 is no re-reads, with the exception of the Roth books I’ve already read (only two).  Rule #2 is no kids’ books.  Other than that, I’m trying to incorporate a range of genres, including young adult and graphic novels.  Frankly, to make the goal, I’m going to have to include some faster reading.  I’m considering mandating at least one Big Ass Novel per month.

5.  What will you do after this year?

Probably do it again next year.

6.  Will you pick another author?

I’ll have to, won’t I?

7.  Will you change the name of the blog?

Probably not.  I’ll just update the page info to reflect the new author being read.  I think blog readers are smart enough to grok me on that.

8.  Can I suggest an author for next year?

Sure.  I’ve thought about it.  So far my frontrunners are John Updike, Barbara Kingsolver, John Irving, Toni Morrison, or Joyce Carol Oates.  It has to be a respected literary author (not James Patterson, in other words) with a body of work that’s substantial but not prohibitively huge.

9.  Isn’t this getting expensive?

I already owned several of the books I’ve read.  Others I bought at Half Price Books or bought for my Kindle, which is cheaper.  Plus I’ve recently rediscovered this amazing place called the library.  They let me take books and read them provided I bring them back.  And it’s FREE.  It’s the most astonishing thing ever.

10.  Is this seriously eating up all your leisure time?

Well, it isn’t creating any more of it, I’ll say that.  I’m cramming in as much reading as I can when I take my lunch breaks at work, and I’m reading more before bedtime, and I’m finding that I’m reading in the evening instead of watching TV.  And sometimes instead of writing, which is actually not so good.  But I’ll work out a balance.  So far it’s been all right.

11.  Why are you calling yourself Lorna X?

Because it sounds cool.

12.  Is that your name?

Lorna is my name.  X is not.


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  1. Did you finish? It was a heroic ambition, and, after all, he has.

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