Well begun is half done?

So now that I’ve crossed the 20% line on my progress it’s a good time to reflect.

To be on track to complete my project, I would need to have read 20 books by the 73rd day of the year, which is one/fifth of the way through the year.  The 73rd day of the year is March 14th.  So I’m about a week off my pace.  But I do have a book half done right now.

The problem is the Roth books.  To keep pace with those I’d have to have read eight of them so far and I’ve only read four.  To be fair one of them was really long.  And several of the upcoming ones are super short.  But clearly I need to increase my Roth saturation level.  Heh.

I picked Roth for this project because I like his books, but let’s get real…it’s not exactly light reading.  I’m not sure I’d choose to read all these Roth books if I weren’t doing this project.  So reading those is sometimes a second choice when there are fun interesting things to read about forensic science and Titanic research and skepticism and hikers who cut off their arms.  But I’m trying to be literary here, dammit.  And so I shall.


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