Progress on Letting Go

My brute-force method for reading Letting Go is working out pretty well.  I’ve had other things to do today (hike 3.5 miles, go to Sam’s Club, start cleaning the basement, stuff like that) but I’ve been reading in half-hour-to-one-hour chunks and I’ve knocked off 100 pages so far.  I’m on page 236!  Go me.

I’ve sworn that I won’t start the last Percy Jackson book until I finish Letting Go.  This is rather a strong motivator, I don’t mind telling you.  It helps that Letting Go is really good and very compelling.  I’m continuously amazed at Roth’s patience.  That’s what’s striking me the most.  He has the patience to let conversations and scenes spin out organically, putting in detail and evolution of thoughts and attitudes and letting the reader become immersed in the entirety of the situation and the characters and how their interrelationships change with each word and sentence.  I can’t begin to tell you how hard that it is, to write with that much detail and deliberate patience.


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