The brute force approach to reading Roth.

I just finished the fourth Percy Jackson book (I’m not going to add these to the total until I finish the series and post my review).  Before I start the final one, after which I’ll read the first book of Riordan’s sequel series, I’m going to hammer on Letting Go.

I have no plans tonight.  It is now  7:20 in the evening.  I am going to sit right down on the couch and start reading and not stop except for potty breaks and to refill my wineglass.  Let’s see how far I can get.  I’m currently on page 90 of 630ish.  I’d very much like to have two Roth books read before it is February.

Wish me luck.  I shouldn’t need that much luck, since I’m finding the book compelling and awesome, so it’s not like I have to force it down.  Hooray!

ETA:  Umm…okay, after fifteen pages I fell asleep.  This isn’t promising.


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