Thursday status report

The Doonesbury anthology is proving a harder slog than I thought.  The strip has always been really text-dense, and it’s not like reading a graphic novel where each page might be one or two panels, each page here is four complete strips.

I have a three-day weekend coming up.  I’m going to dedicate at least part of it to serious reading.  I’d like to get two more books completely finished, if not more, plus I have my biweekly platelet donation on Tuesday, so that’s two hours immobile in a chair with a needle in my arm.

Recently I’ve been pondering my Kindle.  I adore my Kindle.  It makes it so easy to carry books with me, a variety of books, and to have several going at once.  But I so love real books, and I don’t want them to go away!  So I think I have resolved that I will continue to buy ebooks, for the economy of it, but if I read a book I really love, I will go out and buy it in hard or softcover.  I’m also going to cull my book collection and sell off some of the volumes I don’t care so much about.  This way I can build a library just of books I’ve read and really love, books that mean something to me.

Yeah, I know it means I’ll be buying some books twice.  But when you add up the decreased cost of all the ebooks, even adding in buying some of them twice I’m probably still better off than if I bought all my books in page form.

Bedtime soon.  Going to hit Goodbye, Columbus hard tonight.


2 responses to “Thursday status report

  1. I’d throw some of those culls up on and exchange them for other volumes, or swap the credits over to DVD or CD swap.

    • Good idea, Mary. I’ll probably throw up a list on my personal blog (and maybe here, too) in case anybody wants any of them, then put up the rest there or something like that.

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