Current books in progress

If you’re like me, and I know I am, you can never read just one book at a time.  At any given time I have four or five books in various stages of reading to which I am giving various degrees of attention.  Up at bat are the following:

  • Bad Astronomy by Phil Plait.  (Kindle progress = 51%) I am a skeptic and Phil is one of our heroes.  The first of many skepticism/science/humanism books that will end up on the 100, I imagine.  But this is my lunchtime/coffee break reading, so it’ll likely be slower going.
  • Goodbye, Columbus by Philip Roth.  (Kindle progress = 12%)
  • 40: A Doonesbury Retrospective by Garry Trudeau.  (not a Kindle book)  Yes it’s an anthology of comic strips but I am sooooo counting it.  I contend that any volume heavy enough to serve as zeppelin ballast qualifies.

I’ll probably have Goodbye, Columbus done in a few days and the Doonesbury anthology done even faster, which will bring me up to five books and I can check the first Roth title off the checklist.  Yippee!


One response to “Current books in progress

  1. Hello! I followed you from your other blog, and just noticed that you asked for book recommendations a while back. I don’t have a book to recommend so much as a community – 50books_poc (through livejournal). It is dedicated to books written by people of color and I like it for two reasons:

    1) It did made me aware of how few books I do read by people of color, and how (due to a variety of reasons) it is not particularly likely one will read them unless you go out of your way to find them, although this might be completely different for you (obviously I have no way of knowing!). And –

    2) (Which is really the reason I stuck around): It is full of the most dynamic and thoughtful yet concise reviews that I have ever seen. Also these people pick great books – I feel like every time someone posts I have to add a new book to my list. Or maybe it’s that they review them that well… However, it might just be that a few of the frequent posters have similar taste to me, so who knows if this is useful for you at all.

    Anyway, if I had the time this year to read 100 books this is where I would be getting quite a few of them. I’m afraid I don’t have that time and yet my book list seems to assume I should… 😀

    Good luck! This sounds like an awesome project.

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