It is just possible that I am crazy.

I’ve seen lots of people resolve to read X number of books in a single year.  Thirty, or fifty…or a hundred.  That, it seems, is the magic number.  That’s about nine books a month.  Two to three per week.  That’s not an insignificant number of books.

I am a woman up for a challenge.

As I perused my Amazon wish list and my bookshelves for books I hadn’t yet read, I regarded my half-hearted collection of Philip Roth hardbacks.  I love Philip Roth.  I think he’s one of our greatest living writers, and if you asked me to bet money on the next American to win the Nobel Prize for Literature, I’d put my last dime on him.  I’ve read a few of his books, but I’d like to have a greater experience of his bibliography.

Like, say, all of it.

So, what the heck.  While I’m reading 100 books in a year, why not read every book Philip Roth has ever written?  In chronological order!  Sure!  Simple!  It might ease my burden, as some of his books are really quite short.

And while I’m at it, I ought to create a blog about my endeavor.  That’s the thing to do, isn’t it?  Heck yeah!

As I write this, my inaugural post of The Roth Project, I’ve read three books in 2011.  I am half done with a fourth and I have begun a fifth.  That fifth book is “Goodbye, Columbus,” also known as Philip Roth’s first published novel.

So what can you expect from this blog?  Well, expect commentary on Mr. Roth’s ouevre.  Expect some comments on the other books I’m reading as part of the overall “100 in 2011” project.  I wouldn’t bet against there being some despair of ever completing the task, some snark leveled at books I hate, and some groveling at the feet of books I adore.

Thanks for coming along.  Book recommendations are very, very welcome.


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